Sunday, April 2, 2017

Do You Know Your Purpose

Most people think that purpose is a job, a dream, or a title but that is by no means what purpose is. Purpose is what you are here for, not what you do. The things that you do are an outward expression of your purpose. We are all created to have unbroken fellowship with the Father and to love and fellowship with one another. In other words, everyone on the planet has the same purpose: To know and show love!
Love is our purpose! However, the expressions, ways, or methods may be different or vary from one person to the next but they are all for a common goal if we are of one mind, one body, one spirit, one faith, one baptism, one Lord. I'm not referring to religion or denomination, I'm referring to our direct divine appointed purpose on the earth, relationship and discipleship in the love of Christ.  
We have an obligation as the body of Christ to love everyone as God has loved us and we have fallen short. But thanks be to God that He didn't leave us with falling shorts. He has given us access to boldly come to the throne of grace and not the throne of condemnation or judgment in order to obtain mercy in our time of need. At His feet, we can get in right standings with Him so we can get to fulfilling our God given purpose while we are on the earth.
My question to you is what have you been assigned to do in order to show God's love? Are you a singer, writer, encourager? Do you have a business idea that will help your community and local church to spread the love of God into your city, state, and country? What do you need to do to fulfill your purpose and be all that God has designed and called you to be? If you are not sure and need clarity, visit


Life's Open Valve to the Eternal
If I were to take a survey and asked one hundred people what their definition of love is, I would probably end up with one hundred different answers. For many years people have acquainted love with intercourse, gifts and surprises, dating, and much more. However, these things have nothing to do with genuine, agape love. The bible says, "No one has greater love (no one has shown stronger affection) than to lay down (give up) his own life for his friends. John 15:13 (AMP).
 Jesus wasn't talking about date night, spending time, buying gifts, or sex, He was talking about sacrifice. Love is a verb, an operative word that requires action. Love is sacrificing your own will, desires, needs and wants for the sake of others. Love is doing the will of the Father by ministering to the brokenhearted, the poor, the battered and discarded. Love is an outward expression of God working in you to do the works that Jesus did and greater works than He did by winning souls for the Kingdom of God.
 Love or Agape in Greek simply means wide open. In other words you love by having your heart wide open. Being open to the things of God, what He desires to do in, through, and for you is how you love. When God moves upon your heart to share a word, lend a hand, give to someone, be a listening ear or shoulder to cry on and you obey His commands, you are practicing love. When a person hurts you, curses you, or despitefully uses you and you bless them, you are practicing love.
There are many who believe that they are operating in the God kind of love but they have not even begun to scratch the surface. They are doing what they know to do not being led by the spirit of God to do. The difference in the two are the harvest you reap. God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek His face not His hand. Those who have been "doing" and not "being" often wonder why they are not receiving the benefits that the word promises. Everything in life is predicated on your love walk according to I Corinthians 13 and Galatians 1:5. If your love actions are superficial and you will only reap what you sow, then you will not get the same benefits as those who are sincerely sowing love.
It's not always an easy thing to walk in love but it is possible. In order for you to be able to achieve this you must stay in the word, meditate, and speak the word only night and day, there really is no other way. If you stay connected to God through His word and unbroken fellowship with Him in prayer, meditation, and assembling yourself together with the Saints, it will become second nature to you as it should and then you will be able to receive from God all the many blessings that He has for you.
Get connected and stay connected. Stay under the spout where the glory comes out. Love is your open valve to receive all the benefits and promises that God has for you, there is no other way!

InJoying Life

Too often people equate joy with happiness and they are two different things. Happiness is essentially the feeling you get when something good is happening or you feel good about something or someone. Joy on the other hand, is there even when you are unhappy. Even in the face of adversities, you can still have joy knowing that this too shall pass. You can be joyful expecting that this tumultuous circumstance will not last always and everything you see is subject to change at any moment.
Now, that also means that the good times don’t last for long either. However, you can maintain your state of joy no matter what is happening on the outside of you. Joy is an inward experience of gratitude and thankfulness in all situations that keeps you at peace. That is, shalom: untroubled and undisturbed well being. Nothing is missing, lacking or broken and you have calmness, comfort and assurance that you will be just fine come what may.
Many people spend countless years and money attempting to find true peace and joy from sources outside themselves. Suffice to say, many of them never find it. Not because it can’t be found but because it cannot be found outside oneself. If you are looking to people and things to satisfy that craving for inner well being, you will be sadly disappointed every time. What you are looking for can only be found when you quiet yourself and listen to the still small voice deep within.
Whether you refer to this voice as God, Creator, Being, Spirit, Allah, your intuition, or if you don’t have a name for it or you may not believe there is a still small voice. What you’re searching for is inside of you and it’s been calling to you to open up your heart and listen. The only way to truly find yourself, know who you are and what you’re here for is to look inside. No one around you can tell you exactly who you are. That is something that is implanted in your core, your very essence and only you have the power to discover and unlock what it is.
The reason I spell the word enjoy with an “i” is to make people aware that joy is something that comes from within. True, everlasting joy that is unspeakable and full of glory is an internal experience with an outward expression. When you have joy, you smile and persevere through what would cause others to break and retreat in fear. Real joy causes you to hold your head up high and laugh in the face of a storm. Joy is not the absence of pain. Joy is the presence of Love in the midst of or in spite of the pain.
If you want to experience the joy that I’m speaking of. Get quiet and listen to the voice that is speaking to your heart. Then follow the instructions it gives you. Step by step, little by little, you will be InJoying life in no time!