Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Face Your Fears

The very thing you find yourself afraid to do is the very thing you should be doing. Fear of the unknown keeps us paralyzed. Fear of failure and rejection keeps us from realizing our dreams and potential. Most of all, fear is a LIE! Oftentimes, the things we are afraid of do not exist. They are things we tell ourselves to keep us from getting outside our comfort zone. I totally understand that doing new things brings about a certain level of anxiousness and excitement but when it gets to the point of stagnation and crippling, it is time to break the grips of fear and move forward. 

For years people have had "to do" or "bucket" lists that they have yet to cross anything out or mark as done. If asked what is holding them back, they will give a myriad of reasons from money to time to not wanting to do it alone. If you listen closely, you will hear between the excuses that they are afraid of something. Does this sound familiar to you? What exactly is it that you are afraid of? Failure? Rejection? Success? It is different for everyone. I was so used to failing that success seemed foreign to me and it literally scared me to see things progressing positively in my life. Things seemed surreal and too good to be true. I had to prepare myself mentally to handle favor and prosperity. If this is something you struggle with, you are not alone. I began to find affirmations that spoke to my future and changed my way of thinking and speaking. I learned to speak positively over my life and expect only good to come my way. As with all change, this is a process and it takes time but it is worth it in the end. 

I have found myself in a state of fear more than a few times. It could have been something really simple or far beyond my realm of comfort but it did not matter, I was afraid. So, what did I do? I'm glad you asked. I did it anyway!!! Once it was done, even if I did not get the result I was hoping or looking for, I was grateful that I had conquered my fears and taken the plunge. This set me up to be prepared for the next big challenge to come. Let's face it, we will always be approaching, going through or coming out of a challenge. Such is life! However, we do not have to be bound by fear and imprisoned in our minds, stuck between the world of what is and what might be. The only way to really find out what something will be is to take the leap of faith and experience it. You will never truly know what can happen until you get up, get out and see for yourself!

I encourage you today to face your fears head on. Remember that you are strong and invincible. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. You only get one life. Get out there and live it despite the fear! 

Kingdom Blessings!

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