Sunday, June 11, 2017

Pruning is a Process

Oftentimes in the gardening world, it is necessary to prune a plant in order for it to be more productive. Life is no different. It is necessary for us to prune or cut back some things and relationships in order to be more productive. A few weeks ago during my meditation time, I was given clear instructions to "Prune in June" and I laughed because it sounded so cliche to me. However, it was kind of catchy so I started posting it. To my surprise, others were feeling and sensing the same thing. It is pruning season in many people's lives. 

Those of us who have been in preparation for the next level in our lives must go through a cleansing or breaking away in order to claim the benefits that are about to be presented to us. There are those who we have carried this far that are not ready to go any further on our journey. This could be family, a close friend, a significant other, an employee or employer. Whomever they are, they have to go so we can go!

This can be painful at times and other times it is liberating but it is all necessary. I would like to share with you the steps I have taken to prune in the past. These steps have helped me embrace the changes as they come in my life. I practice them everyday.

First step is PURGING. In the morning, before I get out of bed, the first thing I do is acknowledge God and give thanks for my life. I ask Him to guide me with His Spirit into all truth, removing the things and people that are not here for my highest and greatest good and to use me as a vessel for His glory and honor. I give thanks for being chosen and ask that He will help me to remain humble in the process of elevation. I ask for strength, courage and wisdom to carry out the tasks of the day. I ask to be led to the people that need me on that day. I give thanks again and begin my day.

It is important to remain in the present and be mindful of where we are now. The past is for reference, the future is for hope but now is all we really have. So, I continually remind myself to be present in the moment and guided by my intuition so I will always be in the right place at the right time.

The second step is the PATHWAY. During my meditation and prayer time I ask for guidance and direction. I ask for a clear path. Every mountain brought low, every valley exalted, every crooked place made straight so I will walk on a plain path. It is important to know where you are going. It is also important to understand and know that your path is purposed and predestined for you but it is a choice for you to follow it. 

This brings in the third step which is PLANNING & PREPARATION. Knowing the path is one thing, knowing how and when to go is another. Having a plan, the right plan and being prepared to execute it is vital to success. So again, I ask for direction, clear concise leads to know where to go and when, who to talk to and how. I also ask what do I need to know, what should I learn and where to go to get this information I need to study. Most of the time I am led to a website or a book. Periodically, an individual will cross my path (in the right place at the right time) that will have the tools I need for the next task. I openly receive what I need and give thanks in all things. Once I have my plan and I am prepared, I go and believe that everything that needs to happen will happen in perfect ways under grace. 

Now, here is the kicker....when I am in my place, prepared and ready to do what I am called to do, pruning automatically happens!!!! If I am moving in a forward motion, those things and people who are not going in that direction automatically get left behind. I have literally looked up and people were no longer there. No more calls, messages, likes or comments. NOTHING! At first, I was like...DANG! What did I do? So and so just cut me off but in reality, they just couldn't go where I was going. There are some people in this instance that will see you are moving and they will get off of their blessed assurance and get ready to go with you but for the majority, they will not be able to go. 

However, there have been some I have broken away from for a season and when they were ready, they caught up. Same thing has happened to me. Yep! You read it right. Some people have left me in the wind and I felt some kind of way about it too but I later understood that I was not ready to go with them. This may be where you are today, take courage, things get better if you let them. Submit yourself to God, do what He tells you to do (purge, plan, prepare) and He will exalt you when you are ready! Remember, this is process not punishment and it is all necessary for you to receive what you have been promised. 

I hope something I have said has been encouraging to you. Take time to get closer and more open to the Father, delight yourself in Him and you will have the desires of your heart and He will direct your path and do the pruning for you. 

Kingdom Blessings! 

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